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Putin the unstoppable
As Putin is reelected to his fourth term, the West's inaction in the face of Russian resurgence may only spur the power and confidence of "Putin 4.0."
US-North Korea talks historic opportunity
Sometimes history is made and changed by great leaders. A successful meeting between the U.S. and North Korea could be a pivotal moment in history.
A trade war between the US and EU is inevitable
The differences between the EU and the U.S. are political, and not economic. 
The end of Rex Tillerson
With Tillerson gone and the new Secretary of State and the president sharing the same thoughts, one can smell problems ahead.
Major country diplomacy with Chinese characteristic
China is trying to break the myths linked with the traditional rise of a great power that it is often embroiled in controversies and conflicts.
Russia-Britain spy war a sign of things to come?
An attack carried out in England against a former British double-agent, thought to be the work of Russian intelligence, sets a troubling precedent for national security. 
​Chinese 'two sessions' mirrored in Nepal
Irrespective of the nomenclature set by Western media, China's two sessions and its delivering governance model may be taken as a reference for Nepal. 
​SAARC, BRI feature in Pakistani PM's Nepal visit
Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi recently visited Nepal for serious diplomatic missions, including urging his Nepali counterpart to play a constructive role in reviving the SAARC.
China to extend the BRI into Latin America
Following 15 years of major investments in Latin American countries, China plans to further strengthen economic ties with the region through a recently proposed extension of the Belt and Road Initiative.
Trumpian diplomacy: unprecedented
U.S. diplomacy has been turned upside down.
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