Aerial views of clifftop village in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture
Wanggangping: an ideal place to admire Gongga Mountain
Huili ancient town in China's Sichuan
Stunning snow scenery at Dagu Glacier
Fascinating Aba in Sichuan (II)
Lover Beach at Dagu Glacier
The Bookworm: an ideal place for foreign bookworms
Fascinating Aba in Sichuan
'Dragon bed' restored in southwest China
A bite of Sichuan during the Spring Festival

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Ancient tomb complex excavated in Chengdu
​Artefacts unearthed at a tomb group reflect locals' burial culture dates back to Han Dynasty.

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Sichuan Province is home of the world-famous, rare animal-the giant panda, which live in the mountains and valleys of the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the western Sichuan Basin.The giant panda, a symbol of auspiciousness and friendship, is recognized as a "national treasure" of China. (Full story) 
Sichuan Province, known as nature's storehouse and the fertile land of abundance, might be one of the world's most attractive tourism destinations. The province enjoys abundant tourist resources featuring beautiful natural scenery, as well as splendid historical and cultural elements. (Full story)
Local civilizations in Sichuan Province can be dated back to the 15th century BC, coinciding with the later years of the Shang and Zhou dynasties in north China. The province is famous for its local dialect, Sichuan opera, tea, wine, cuisine, medicine, and Shu Embroidery. (Full story) 
Sichuan Province, Shu for short, is located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River in southwestern China. Sichuan, known as the land of abundance and home of the giant panda, covers a vast area of 485,000 square kilometers, making it the country's fifth largest province. (Full story)
In addition to its majority, the Han people, Sichuan is also inhabited by many ethnic groups. It has the second-largest Tibetan-inhabited region, as well as the largest Yi People-inhabited region and the only Qiang People-inhabited region in China. (Full story)





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