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Xi calls for unholding 'Lyuliang spirit' in poverty relief

President Xi Jinping said more should be done to end poverty and improve the standard of living in revolutionary base areas.

FTZs open wider to foreign firms

More sectors are now open for foreign investment in China's 11 pilot free trade zones, ranging from helicopter manufacturing to financial services, the Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday.

3 web portals asked to stop video streaming services

China's TV and film watchdog Thursday asked three major web portals, including the Sina Weibo, to shut down video and audio streaming services that are in violation of state rules.

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    The spirit of community

    Auntie Liu and more than 6,000 volunteers turn a mega residential complex into an epitome of neighborly love.

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Resolving the Qatar crisis

There can be no military solution to this diplomatic crisis.


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JD eyes luxury sector expansion Inc said it will invest $397 million in London-based online fashion retailer Farfetch UK Ltd to further penetrate the luxury sector.

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