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Think tank explains China through publishing cooperation

Updated: 2017-08-24 | By: Xinhua

China should strengthen cooperation with other countries in the fields of philosophy and social sciences, Cai Fang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) said Wednesday.

Cai made the remark at a book launch during the 24th Beijing International Book Fair, which is scheduled for Aug. 23 to 27.

Attended by officials and academics from China's State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the CASS, the event exhibited some of the books published by China Social Sciences Press (CSSP) in cooperation with overseas publishing houses.

The CSSP, which was established and managed by the CASS, has partnered with nearly 30 international publishers to publish nearly 80 books introducing China to the world.

These books, mainly written by researchers with the CASS, cover various fields including China's history, philosophy, economic development and social governance, and have been translated into more than six languages including English, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Japanese.

Highlights of the partnerships are the "China Insight" series, led by the books "Great Change and Social Governance in Contemporary China" and "Demystifying China's Economy Development".

"We co-published with our Chinese counterparts some of the excellent research on China's social and economic transformation," said Harmen van Paradijs, a senior executive with Springer Nature, the world's leading scientific publishing company. "Many more books are in the pipeline to be published."

"China is now at the center of international attention, and the world wants to learn about it's experience in reform and development," said Zhao Jianying, president of the CSSP. "We aim to explain China to the world through publishing cooperation."