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Publisher collects Wang's works in new volume
Chinese author Wang Xiaobo died 20 years ago, but his works are still popular among Chinese readers.
Chinese bookstores adapt to social changes
For Gao Hengrui, 20, going to a bookstore is no longer only about buying books, rather, it is a "culture hunt."
6-year-old girl's Silk Road adventure book released
The English version of “Biking the Silk Road: 6-year-old Sophia’s Fantasy Tour,” published by New World Press, was released in Beijing on Tuesday.
Hungarian edition of Xi's book launched in Hungary
The Hungarian edition of the book "Xi Jinping: The Governance of China" was launched in Budapest.
Haidian district embraces reading with festival
Beijing's Haidian district government has teamed up with the National Library of China to launch the Haidian Reading Festival on Sunday, which was World Book Day.
Cookbook author finds the magic in vegetables
When she moved from Singapore to Seattle for college, Patricia Tanumihardja says, she was "shocked to learn that many of the fresh fruits and vegetables I had taken for granted back home were hard to come by."
Japanese author a hot property for China filmmakers
The TV and film rights of 10 novels of Japanese author Higashino Keigo are up for grabs on a Chinese site.
1st Chinese Library opens in Mexico
The first China-themed library in Mexico was inaugurated on Monday in a bid to promote cultural exchange.
People enjoy reading on World Book Day
Photos show Chinese people read books on April 23, 2017 as the World Book Day falls on Sunday.
China turns a new page on reading
China turns a new page on reading
World Book Day falls on Sunday, and Chinese people are seeking new ways of reading.
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