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Publisher collects Wang's works in new volume
Chinese author Wang Xiaobo died 20 years ago, but his works are still popular among Chinese readers.
Macao to celebrate Int'l Museum Day with drunken dragon festival
Macao to celebrate International Museum Day which falls on May 18 with traditional rituals and other events, the special administrative region's cultural department said Thursday.
Inheritor of carpenter techniques of Dong wooden buildings
Yang Siyu, 62, was born in a carpenter family. Dozens of years of training has made him a carpenter master in building wooden architecture of Dong ethnic style.
Xiamen brings French-style carnival to China
Xiamen has struck a deal with its sister city Nice to bring the French city's world-famous carnival to Southeast China. Representatives from the two cities signed a cooperation agreement confirming the deal in Nice on Feb 27.
Chinese and Australian companies sign 7 movie deals
While the Chinese movie market has attracted Australian filmmakers over the past decade, only eight coproduction projects have taken off since 2006, when the two countries first signed a treaty to encourage film partnership. But with seven new coproduction deals signed in Beijing on April 20, the number is expected to rise.
Five-country coproduction to open BRICS film festival
Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke has teamed up with four established directors from Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa to make a movie.
Photo show displays portraits of cultural celebrities
Chinese photographer Xiao Quan, 58, is known for his portrait series, Our Generation, a decade-long project completed in 1996.
Chinese bookstores adapt to social changes
For Gao Hengrui, 20, going to a bookstore is no longer only about buying books, rather, it is a "culture hunt."
Juyan archeological site to apply for UNESCO recognition
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China has started the process of having the Juyan archeological site recognized with a UNESCO cultural heritage listing, said local authorities on Wednesday.
5,000-yr-old ruins found at SW China construction site
Archaeologists announced Wednesday neolithic ruins dating back 4,500 to 5,000 years had been found in southwest China's Sichuan Province.
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