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Italy's quake death toll rises to 267

At least 267 people died and thousands were displaced in Italy after a major earthquake that struck the central Lazio and Marche regions on early Wednesday, the authorities confirmed on Friday morning.
China rescue team rushes to Italy for earthquake relief

PLA defends jets entering overlapping ADIZ areas

PLA Colonel Wu Qian clarified on Thursday that Chinese warplanes entering overlapping ADIZ areas belonging to China and South Korea was part of a routine training, stressing that ADIZ isn't a country's national airspace.

Satellite gives clearer view of the Earth

China has published the first pictures transmitted back to Earth from Gaofen-3, the country’s first C-band high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite with a resolution of 1 meter.

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The Kashmir tangle

With tensions rising in Kashmir due to the killing of an activist, both India and Pakistan should remain cool-headed and not let the conflict spiral out of control.


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Prehistoric art washed away by flooding

Prehistoric art washed away by flooding

Continuous floods have caused substantial damage to prehistoric cliff paintings at Helan Mountain in NW China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

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Xi meets Olympic delegation

President Xi Jinping issued a rallying call on Thursday for the Olympic spirit to be practiced in helping to realize the "China Dream" of national rejuvenation.

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