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Consensus sought with US on governance of Internet

Beijing wants to seek consensus with Washington at an upcoming worldwide network summit on how the Internet should be governed, an official at China's cyberspace watchdog said on Thursday.

China pledges financial, training assistance to Afghanistan

China on Friday pledged to provide non-reimbursable assistance of 500 million yuan (US$81.43 million) to Afghanistan this year at an international meeting on Afghanistan held in Beijing.

Local pollutant more responsible for Beijing's smog

Local emissions of pollutants accounted for 64-72 percent of the smog in the Chinese capital last year, according to the latest research from the city's environmental protection agency.
China gets tough to combat pollution
Smog causes lung cancer: lawmaker

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The end of the unipolar US system in the Middle East

The U.S. is losing its influence and prestige in the Middle East, due to a series of critical mistakes. The region is urgently in need of a new system.


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Rich pay sky-high prices for meteorites

For some of China's wealthy, the terrestrial trappings of fast cars, designer bags and deluxe apartments are worthless compared with bounty from outer space.

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Health shows scrutinized

Health shows scrutinized

China's top media regulator has tightened control over health-related TV programs, in a bid to provide viewers with better scientific content.

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