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China to enhance cooperation with other SCO countries

Chinese State Councilor Zhao Kezhi met with leading officials from six other member countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

China-US economic, trade consensuses 'meet interests of the people': vice premier

The consensuses reached during economic and trade consultations between China and the United States meet the interests of the people of the two countries and whole world, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said on Monday.

US urged to not overreact on S. China Sea training

The recent landing of bomber aircraft on a South China Sea island by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force is part of normal training that should not be over-interpreted.

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  • One character to rule them all

    Meet the most complex character in written Chinese, made up of over 50 strokes… and whether or not you can write it, you will enjoy knowing (and eating) what it stands for.

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​PM Modi 'corrects course' to mend ties with Nepal

Indian PM Narendra Modi, during his recent two-day visit to Nepal, has committed to respecting Nepal's territorial integrity and sovereignty.


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