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China refutes US accusations on tariffs, intellectual property issue

Foreign Ministry said U.S. accusations of higher Chinese tariffs on American goods and pilfering American innovations are wrong.

Negotiate, not bypass WTO: Forum

Despite room for improvement, the rules based multilateral trading system is the best framework to benefit all countries, according to speakers at the 7th World Peace Forum.

Policies tightened to cool overheating housing market

Following a new surge in housing prices in June, China plans to put the brakes on the overheating housing market in third- and fourth-tier cities.

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  • A weekend getaway in Qingdao

    Come with for a weekend getaway in Qingdao. Enjoy the fresh seafood, sample the homebrews in plastic bags, and take in the sights at this seaside city.

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​Brexit deserves a second vote

For the U.K. to leave the European Union now because of a single, flawed referendum held two years prior would be arbitrary, imprudent and undemocratic.


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Police officer's language skills go viral

Multilingualism is not the exclusive domain of language experts or scholars - it's also an ability grasped by a police officer in Xi'an.

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